Kryo is high-performance object serialization and cloning framework for Java. Kryo is useful when Java class objects need to be persisted to a database, transferred over the network, or otherwise cloned between two objects. […]


Apache Maven

Apache Maven is a build automation tool for Java based projects. Maven is developed as a plugin-based framework written in Java language. The default build lifecycle in Maven is composed of validate, compile, test, […]



Graphite is a scalable, real-time graph visualization tool written in Python, which stores time-series data and displays graph visualization based on them via web interfaces. Graphite leverages (1) the even-driven Twisted engine to receive […]


Cool Reader

Cool Reader is a cross-platform, open-source ebook reader written in C++ and Qt/wxWidgets-based GUI. Both desktop and mobile handheld versions (Android) are available. It supports a number of non-DRM open ebook formats such as […]



netdata is a web-based, real-time performance monitoring system which visualizes the system resource usage of a local Linux server (which netdata is running on) via time-series statistics. Monitored system properties include CPU usage (core […]