wxHexEditor is an open-source hex editor built with wxWidgets toolkit library for cross-platform GUI. With 64-bit file descriptors, wxHexEditor is able to open and edit very large files or even entire disk devices (on exabyte scale). It is a disk-based editor, where whole file content is not necessarily copied to RAM. This makes wxHexEditor deal with very large files reasonably fast even with limited RAM. wxHexEditor allows one to insert, delete or change multiple bytes of data without creating a temporary file. wxHexEditor supports XOR encryption, multiple views per window, x86 disassembly, custom formating/coloring, hex/text modes, Linux process memory editing, multiple character encoding, etc.

  • Website: http://www.wxhexeditor.org/
  • Platform: Linux, MacOS X, Windows
  • License: GNU GPL
  • Documentation: http://wiki.wxhexeditor.org/
  • Source repository: svn sourceforge
  • Community: forum bug tracker
  • Features:
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