Pidgin is an open-source instant messaging client with GTK+ based GUI. Its standard features include contact list, away messages, icons and smiles, conversation logging, etc. Pidgin is integrated into the system tray on multiple desktop environments including Windows, Linux GNOME and KDE. Pidgin can support multiple instant-messaging protocols such as IRC, XMPP, Bonjour, which makes it compatible with various commercial or non-commercial chat networks (e.g., Jabber, IRC, Google Talk, Yahoo!, Facebook Chat, MSN). Pidgin plugins exist to support various third-party protocols, as well as additional features such as encryption, notification, video sharing, screenshot, etc.

  • Website:
  • Platform: Linux, MacOS X, Windows
  • License: GNU GPL
  • Documentation:
  • Source repository: mercurial sourceforge
  • Features:
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