netdata is a web-based, real-time performance monitoring system which visualizes the system resource usage of a local Linux server (which netdata is running on) via time-series statistics. Monitored system properties include CPU usage (core utilization, interrupts, softirqs), memory usage, disk I/O (per disk bandwidth, backlog), network activities (per-interface bandwidth, packet rate, error rate, TCP/UDP protocol statistics), firewall (connection statistics), process list, and a number of application server workloads (e.g., NFS, MySQL, Nginx, Squid, Postfix), all in real time. netdata holds and visualizes time-series usage data of short time scale (e.g., less than 10 minutes), but does not (yet) store the data on a persistent storage for offline browsing. Developed in C language, netdata comes with its own web server implementation, and the backend does not require any external dependencies. The frontend web interface utilizes HTML-based Bootstrap dashboards. netdata is extremely lightweight in terms of CPU (2% of a single core) and memory usage (less than 10MB), and requires zero configuration for installation. netdata supports external plugins (which can be written in any arbitrary language) for extended charting capabilities.

  • Website:
  • Platform: Linux
  • License: GNU GPLv3
  • Documentation:
  • Source repository: git
  • Community: bug tracker
  • Features: , ,
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    One thought on “netdata

    1. Without persistent storage and historical views (think RRDtool), netdata is cool but limited. Worth mentioning, but until values can be stored persistently I feel Cacti (and others) will be chosen over netdata. Pretty graphics nonetheless.

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