OpenXenManager is an open-source cross-platform clone of Citrix XenCenter, written in Python and pyGTK for GUI. It allows users to manage XenServer and Xen Cloud Platform (XCP) hosts remotely via a graphical interface. OpenXenManager […]



RemoteBox is open-source, GUI-based VirtualBox remote-management software written in Perl. Using GTK2-based GUI, RemoteBox allows users to manage a headless VirtualBox server to create and manage guest virtual machines (VMs) remotely. RemoteBox communicates with […]



Adminer is an open-source web-based database management system written in PHP. Starting out as a lightweight alternative to phpMyAdmin, Adminer is deployed as a single PHP file, and yet offers a feature-rich database management […]



Webmin is a web-based system administration and configuration tool for Linux and Unix based server systems. Mostly written in Perl language, Webmin comes with its own web server with optional SSL for web-based server […]