GoAccess is an open-source, console-based, interactive web server log viewer. It allows you to view and analyze web server logs via ncurses-based terminal interface in real-time. GoAccess parses growing web server log files (e.g., […]


Web server benchmarking tools

As far as web server performance is concerned, there are many different factors at play, e.g., application design, network latency/bandwidth, web server configuration, caching, hardware capability, server load, etc. To compare and optimize web […]



Nginx is an open-source web server, designed focused on high performance, scalability and low memory footprint under high workloads. Nginx serves static and dynamic web content based on a single-threaded event-driven fashion, as opposed […]


Apache HTTP Server

Apache HTTP Server is an open-source web server application which can provide a wide range of web services. Originally developed for the UNIX environment, Apache HTTP Server was later ported to different platforms including […]