Cool Reader

Cool Reader is a cross-platform, open-source ebook reader written in C++ and Qt/wxWidgets-based GUI. Both desktop and mobile handheld versions (Android) are available. It supports a number of non-DRM open ebook formats such as […]



Calibre is cross-platform, open-source ebook reader software which allows users to import and read e-books. It comes with a built-in library management system that organizes imported e-books with searchable and auto-downloadable metadata (author/title, ISBN). […]



Recoll is a GUI-based full-text document search tool written in C++. Recoll builds a searchable index from text extracted from documents, and maintains the index in a persistent database for fast, repeatable full-text search […]



gcalcli (short for “Google Calendar Command Line Interface”) is a Python application which enables one to access their Google Calendar information from the command line. gcalcli can access upcoming agenda and scheduled events, create/update […]



Etherpad is a web-based collaborative text editor written in Scala, allowing two or more people to collaboratively edit a text file in real-time. Etherpad can visualize each participant’s changes in different colors in real-time. […]