X2Go is an open-source remote desktop solution consisting of Linux-based X2Go server and cross-platform X2Go client. X2Go’s remote desktop protocol is originally based on NX technology which heavily relies on compression and caching to […]



Quagga is an open-source implementation of routing protocol stack. Initially based on the open-source GNU Zerbra, Quagga implements various industry-standard intra-domain (OSPF v2/v3, RIP v1/v2/ng, ISIS) and inter-domain (BGP v4) routing protocols. Quagga’s protocol […]



Mutt is an open-source email program (Mail User Agent) with terminal-based user interface. Mutt supports POP3/IMAP/SMTP email protocols and multiple mailbox formats (mbox, MH, MMDF, maildir). It comes with integrated support for PGP/GPG, so […]


Web server benchmarking tools

As far as web server performance is concerned, there are many different factors at play, e.g., application design, network latency/bandwidth, web server configuration, caching, hardware capability, server load, etc. To compare and optimize web […]



noVNC is an open-source web-based remote desktop (VNC) client. It is built with HTML5 WebSockets and Canvas, and has a built-in SSL/TLS encryption support. noVNC communicates with a remote VNC server via WebSockets connections […]