UNetbootin is GUI-based, cross-platform open-source software used for creating bootable live USB drives (USB flash drives, USB hard drives). UNetbootin installs extlinux bootloader on the master boot record of the target USB drive and […]



Clonezilla is an open-source disk cloning and recovery tool for Linux systems. Clonezilla is available as Clonezilla Live and CloneZilla Server. The former is a bootable live image allowing users to clone a local […]



BleachBit is an open-source disk cleaner software which can automatically clean up unnecessary files or securely shred privacy-sensitive files from disk space, including various application-specific file caches, browser history, temporary files, system logs, unused […]



Unison is an open-source file synchronization tool which allows bidirectional file sync between a pair of replicas located on the same host, as well as on different hosts. Unison detects (non-conflicting) updates in either […]



wxHexEditor is an open-source hex editor built with wxWidgets toolkit library for cross-platform GUI. With 64-bit file descriptors, wxHexEditor is able to open and edit very large files or even entire disk devices (on […]