Florence is an open-source on-screen virtual keyboard developed in C and GTK+ for X11 desktop system. As an alternative to a hardware keyboard, Florence allows users to enter characters using a pointing device such […]



X2Go is an open-source remote desktop solution consisting of Linux-based X2Go server and cross-platform X2Go client. X2Go’s remote desktop protocol is originally based on NX technology which heavily relies on compression and caching to […]


KDE Connect

KDE Connect provides seamless integration between mobile devices and KDE Linux desktop. Currently it supports communication between KDE desktop and Android devices over WiFi network. The functionality of KDE Connect can be extended via […]



Conky is an open-source, lightweight system monitor and desktop customization tool for Linux. Conky can monitor various system properties including CPU/memory/disk usage, processes, network interface, system temperature, and a lot more, and its monitoring […]